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Angel Tattoos

Tattooing has been a practice performed since ancient times through a variety of methods. Nowadays, new developed methods help create some of the most interesting and sophisticated designs. Find out all about angel tattoos so you can choose the design which suits you and your personality.

Angel tattoos have been popular for decades now as they represent good, purity and divinity. There are a variety of tattoo designs available to choose from in order to express a certain message, to express personality or just to add individuality to your skin. Angel tattoos seem to be unisex tattoos, meaning they are suitable for men as well as women.

Tattoo basics

Tattooing is an ancient practice in which the skin is marked using a special ink. The art of tattooing has evolved greatly nowadays a tattoo gun is used to imprint a design permanently on the skin. The tattoo gun introduced a special ink into the epidermis using several tiny needles which puncture the skin rapidly, introducing the ink.
The ink remains under the epidermis permanently and can only be removed using laser technology.

Angel tattoo designs

There are a variety of angel tattoos available from the popular angel wings to the biblical interpretation of the archangel. The designs of the tattoo can differ from person from person as every person has a specific idea or vision of their tattoo. Depending on each persons vision the angel created can appear differently. Usually when people choose an angel tattoo, an event has marked their lives and they started to pay more attention towards divinity.

Angels are known as protectors from harm and evil, and people find this as being very interesting and calming.
Women usually choose to get this type of tattoo due to it's lovely look as well as symbolism. Angel tattoos for women usually express purity, kindness as well as protection. Women who usually get this this type of tattoo have a well defined concept of the angelic. Angel tattoos are very feminine and attract a generous amount of attention.

It is not as uncommon for men to opt for angel tattoos as they are unisex tattoos. The design and the significance of the tattoo might differ though. It is believed that angel tattoos on men is related to their respect for the divine. Having an angel tattoo is not a sign of weakness or femininity but it might even be considered as a symbol of masculinity.

Angel tattoo ideas

There are so many angel tattoos you can choose from. Try to choose one which defines you and suits your personality and style. Here are some interesting angel tattoo ideas you can inspire yourself from:

  • Angel wings create a very interesting and appealing look. The tattoos cover the back area and appear like wings are growing out of the persons back. The wings can come in different shapes and sizes depending on each person's preference

  • Archangels are popular angel tattoos which portray an angel usually featuring an armor and a sword. The archangels are the angels which battle the darkness and help protect human kind. A tattoo which seems to stand for protection and defenders of good, archangel tattoos can be portrayed in a variety of ways

  • Cherubs are popular angel tattoos depicted as children, usually boys with wings. They are messengers and look beautiful. People who usually choose this type of tattoo have lost a dear person which is usually a child

  • Fallen angel tattoos are very different in significance than the other angel tattoos described. They usually portray an angel with a darker expression and possibly a broken wing. This type of tattoo is usually chosen by people who feel like they are different and do not fit into the society

  • Guardian angels are popular tattoos which can be chosen by everyone. It is believed that everyone has his or her own guardian angel and this ensures a sense of protection

  • Proper tattoo care is needed in order to ensure the tattoo design remains fresh looking for many years to come.

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