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Body Piercing

From ancient times body piercing or the sophisticated body jewelries represented the supreme form to both demonstrate courage as well as wealth. Some would follow the example of African tribes or Indian tradition and decide to use these as a tribute to a religion, a historical event as well as mainly culture. Times changed and people engaged into similar practices due to the emerging fashion trend of decorating the body parts with similar accessories as well as to demonstrate their fondness for this modern art form that is mentioned in the same context with tattoos, namely body art types.

Body Piercing History

This form of self-expression was identified already in ancient times. Ear piercings were among the first types of body art early in the Egyptian culture. As a sign of religious devotion and also in the case of Romans soldiers and other tribes a rite of passage people found a way to embed these tiny details into their appearance. Undoubtedly the Aztec as well as African civilizations all practiced these rituals with great care and mastery. Fortunately the messengers of body jewelries managed to further popularize the cultural custom and transform it into a status symbol that would reflect the social as well as cultural heritage of individuals. Besides culture however aesthetics was also conquering some ground, turning nose, ear and also lip piercings the primary sign of divine beauty. Various piercing designs and models were used in order to keep up the flame of a similar beauty practice.

During the Elizabethan period both men and women were practicing this ritual especially the ones that promoted ear piercings. Though a conservative historical era still some would disregard the various restrictions. Though it seems that the period between this period and the 1960s didn't offered enough important and worth-mentioning improvement in this field. The passing decades still brought both development as well as radical changes in the preparation of body piercings as well as in their quality and popularity.

After the time-tested patterns producers adopted a more boundless and non-conformist attitude towards juggling with sizes and shapes. Expanding the color palette was one of the basic changes, the Hippies and later Punks were the major innovators in sporting body jewelries with great style and refinement. Nowadays we still promote this well-defined and precious heritage and people regardless of age have an increasing inclination to experiment with this flourishing and fascinating art challenging the barriers of public acceptance and anatomy.

Body Piercing Types

Body piercings are worn on various body parts depending on personal preferences and purpose. Those who are keen to flash their accessories will choose to sport these jewelries on exposed areas as the face or upper body others find hidden places and sections more appropriate and at the same time intriguing.

From the nose piercings and ear piercings with ancient roots to tongue and nipple piercings that lead the top of most-requested body art jewelries. These all come in a multitude and often confusingly wide array of sizes and designs as well as materials and colors. In order to choose the right piercing it is highly recommended to find out more information on body piercing types.

  • Tongue Piercing: This type of body art has its origins in the Aztec tradition when tribe members pierced their tongues on order to enhance the communication with divinities.However one of the main drawbacks that keeps people away of choosing this body jewelry is the fact that our oral cavity is flooded with bacteria and other dangerous agents that can easily ruin the condition of the pierced area.

    Professional piercers provide people with an antiseptic solution which is used as a regular mouthwash and guarantees your health. Indeed tongue piercings might give a funny sensation when prepared, still, since our tongue heals extremely fast, you'll be able to talk and eat properly soon after the insertion. Moreover it is also a well-known fact that the titanium won't do good to our dentistry, besides hurting the enamel it can also cause other infections.

  • Nipple Piercing: One of the apparently revolutionary innovations of body piercing is wearing a precious jewelry right in the nipples. Both in the case of ladies and gents it became one of the most popular rituals when it comes of decorating their skin and adding a groovy flair to their look. Though it requires an at least 6 month healing period it still recruits millions of fans all over the world.

    From rock stars to other prominent socialites as well as average people are aim to try out the experience a similar body art might offer. A practice in fact also popularized by noble ladies in France and England during the 1890s, offers more than just aesthetic pleasure. Moreover ti was also held that even doctors engaged into promoting the beneficial effect of these tiny jewelries in breastfeeding.

  • Face Piercings: Those who are proud of their body jewelry can choose the face as the most exposed section to flash a similar accessory. From the Indian style nose piercings to the eyebrow and even lips and cheek jewelries all managed to enter the top of popular body art types. Drawing some inspiration from celebrities as Pink or Lenny Kravitz, is one of the best means to pick the right design, size and color of your accessory.

    Choose the spot that best represents your personality and should need some accentuation. Make sure you point the attention to the right area you are pleased with. Go for the extreme or more moderate looks, the point is to be aware of your options offered by professional piercers as well as websites and also magazines.

  • Navel Piercing: The market is flooded with the most artistic and fabulous navel jewelries that can emphasize a well-toned and worth-copycatting belly. Those who are keen to amaze the public with a similar body art creation should opt for navel piercings. From the various gemstones, symbols and flower and other representative motifs all manage to convince people to experiment with these piercings.

    Though some would consider it a bit too tricky since healing requires more time than the ones sported on the face. This can be attributed to the fact that it is important to keep the area free from any contact with tight clothes, friction and pulling. However following the proper aftercare guidelines will offer enough protection.

  • Find the one that best suits your personality and skim through the parade of body jewelries available on the market. Look for them in jewelry or specialized stored and body art salons, but most of all read through the basic principles of an appropriate after care. Protect the area from inflammation and other severe infections. Ask professionals about the must have tools and products to enjoy a healthy body piercing condition.

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