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Body Suit Tattoos

Body suit tattoos are designs which arise a lot of interest. People react differently at the sight of such detailed, body covering tattoos, even though the art of body tattooing has been present for thousands of years. Find out all about body suit tattoos.

Body suit tattoos are highly popular among tattoo lovers and artists. It seems that this type of extreme body art is not for everyone as the tattoos performed cover the entire body, from head to toe. Having a tattoo body suit can be considered attractive by some and completely hideous by others. Peoples preferences when it comes to body art vary widely, this is why not everyone goes bold with getting tattoos. Even though tattooing has been an ancient practice, people are still reluctant when it comes to tattoos. Having something permanent on the body scares some people, while others are excited of being different.

Body suit tattoo history

The body suit tattoos are ancient Japanese tattoos which have been developed due to strict sumptuary laws. When the tattoos became more and more popular, they were outlawed but without any success as it seems that people considered it as a form of rebellion.
The body suit tattoos is believed to be linked to ancient samurai warriors and the Yakuza. Yakuza is considered to be a crime organization, a mafia of Japan, thus this type of tattoos are images highly related to criminality in Japan. This is one of the reasons why people wearing this type of tattoo in Japan don't reveal it.
Body tattoos are highly sophisticated designs featuring gorgeous color combinations which contribute to the development of an intricate vivid body design. The body suit is not only common in men, it is a body art adopted by women as well. Not everyone can opt for this type of tattoo as the body suit requires an elaborate work, dedication and time.
Nowadays this type of tattoos are performed in different states and tat lovers all over the world opt for adorning their entire body with this overall body suit tattoo.

Body suit tattoo designs

The body suit tattoo is an elaborate tattoo with interesting designs which stretch from the back to the shoulders, arms, chest down towards the legs. This type of tattoo requires a lot of work and skill as creating such a wide spread tattoo is not an easy task. Plenty of imagination and skill are necessary in becoming a body suit tattoo artist.
The tattoos were originally meant to copy the samurai's coat. Their coats usually displayed different heroic images, which were a symbol of their bravery. In sign of admiration this type of tattoo has taken proportions.
A part of the intricate and colorful Japanese body suit designs are usually:

  • dragons

  • flowers

  • tigers

  • samurai images

  • oversized fish

  • More modern body suits performed around the world are different individual designs which connect. One of the most known modern body suit design is that of Lizard man which mimics the skin of a lizard.
    If you believe this type of tattoo is suitable for you make sure to choose your favorite design and to care for your tattoo to maintain the colors vivid for longer.

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