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Celebrity Tattoo and Tattoo Designs

Tattoos similarly to other accessories are best popularized by celebrities who are keen to flash their masterpieces both on the red carpet and other semi-formal events and movie premieres. Celebrity tattoos reveal a multitude of character traits and messages these socialites aim to transmit to the public. Their importance often roots in their entertainment careers as well as private life.

From the names of the beloved ones to the designs that represent their religious orientation as well as a symbolic historical or cultural personality we find all the variations of traditional tattoo designs. This domain will provide those who are eager to lose themselves in the infinite repertoire of tattoos with information and ideas that unveil the origin and history of tattoos popularized by actors, musicians as well as sportsmen and the media stars.


Celebrity Tattoos

Undoubtedly there's no limit when it comes of tattoo designs in the case of celebrities. From the most common patterns as heart, skull as well as flowers to the more explicit and complex portrays and messages in ancient languages and cryptic verses.

However it seems that one of the most common tendencies is to wear the name of the beloved family members, girl/boyfriends as well as children. Some of them pay tribute to personalities as Marilyn Monroe as well as 2Pac, others are eager to prove their strong feelings for their partner.

The size of tattoos also differ according to personalities. Jessica Alba and Paris Hilton are fans of the less telling and more hidden and moderate tattoos spread all over the body. Whereas Angelina Jolie and the notorious tattoo artist Kat von D just can't get enough of the wilder and versatile designs.

Their commitment to this body art type is best illustrated by the sudden appearance of brand new patterns and drawings. The gentle representatives of Hollywood and the world of entertainment seem to challenge the barriers of the 'flawless skin' beauty ideal and decorate their skin and body parts with the most surprising and spectacular shapes and pictures.

However we should not forget about the stronger sex and the most stylish members of the Hall of Fame of Tattoos as Johnny Depp or David Beckham who mesmerized the public and body art fans with their worth-admiring and -copycatting designs that range from the personal to the religious and cultural symbols. Both actors as well as Rock and Pop musicians are keen to flash their message to the world and implicitly fans with fabulous and sophisticated designs that crown their appearance. In order to rival their popularity and style you are also mostly welcomed to draw some inspiration of the their examples and design your unique tattoo pattern.

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