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Feet Tattoo Designs

Feet tattoos are a popular choice for those who like rather discrete tattoo designs that can be displayed with pride almost all year round. There are several designs to choose from depending on the placement, personal sense of style and personality so discover a few interesting designs alternative you can draw inspiration from.

Feet tattoos are quite a challenge for many people taking into account the fact that it is one of the most painful places to get a tattoo as the skin in this area is very thin and highly sensitive. However these tattoos also tend to be some of the most tattoo pleasing ones so a little bit of pain is often a small price to pay for a representative body art symbol. While feet tattoos are not reserved to a specific gender, they tend to be seen as delicate and alluring being preferred mostly by women.

Personal preferences as well as the meaning behind a certain tattoo will greatly influence the final defining details of the tattoo. While original tattoos are a great choice for this area, the majority of people tend to rely on conventional symbols to express their personality. Floral and abstract tattoos tend to be some of the most popular symbols for this area.

Floral tattoo designs are some of the most beautiful and complex tattoos that can be created in this are having a great variety of elements they can be combined with in order to get the desired type of impression. While flowers tend to represent beauty, grace, refinement and loyalty and in certain cultures they are even considered the representation a beloved person, generally a prominent feminine figure when they are combined with additional elements the overall meaning behind the symbols tends to vary as well.

Elements such as waves or birds can be placed together to increase the complexity of the tattoo while also creating additional meaning to it. Birds tend to symbolize the human spirit, while also being considered connected to divinity in some cultures, which explains why angelic creatures are represented with wings.

Tribal tattoos on the other hand have become increasingly popular more recently as people have began to recognize the great diversity of these abstract symbols and the way tribal elements can be used to connect various elements from a traditional tattoo and make them look more unified. Tribal tattoos are harder to decipher considering the fact that their inspiration sources tend to be mixed an the symbolism behind them is less clear as a result.

Monochromatic or intensely colored, these types of tattoos tend to attract attention immediately. Generally speaking these tattoos are a good choice for people who are not fans of colorful tattoos and which prefer to emphasize the overall structure of the design. Just like in the case of other types of tattoos the level of complexity can be very varied, being adjusted according to the desires of the customer.

Whether you decide to embrace the femininity that floral designs can bring or you feel that the abstract nature of tribal tattoos fits your tastes and your personality better it is important to select the tattoo design very carefully as this is one of the ares you will see on a daily basis and you might get really bored or even frustrated with your choice if you don't make a well thought decision.

Browse through the great variety of designs available to be able to find the most important elements you want to incorporate in your tattoo design as well as the type of connecting elements you want to use to add complexity and unity to the design to be able to enjoy it for a long time and to show it off with pride every single time.

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