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How to Care for Your Tattoo

Knowing how to take proper care of your tattoo can allow you to enjoy your gorgeous tattoo for longer without it infecting or losing its vivid coloration. Learn how to care for your body art and be proud!

Tattooing is an ancient practice which has been used to decorate the body by introducing a special ink into the dermis. The ink introduced is permanent, making the tattoo a life long term body art. The tattooing instruments have changes over time, now tattoo guns being used to create gorgeous tattoos. The new techniques and instruments allow tattoo artists to show their skills and create some of the coolest designs ever, even 3D tattoos which have an amazingly realistic appearance.

Tattoos are permanent but that doesn't mean that they cannot fade away partially in time. Lack of care or improper tattoo care can take a bit out of your tattoo's beauty so learning how to care for your tattoo is essential.
Tattoo care steps begin from the first day you received your new tattoo as the skin is broken in order for the ink to be delivered under it, allowing bacteria to enter the skin and cause infections. Your tattoo artist will bandage your tattoo after it is done and you shouldn't remove your bandage for at least a couple of hours. This way the skin will be protected against infection causing bacteria. Your tattoo artist should advise you about when it is safe to completely remove the bandage placed on your brand new tattoo.
After getting your tattoo it is a must to try and follow these steps as they are meant to protect you and your tattoo.

tattoo tattoo

Cleaning the tattoo
Cleaning the tattoo after it has been done is critical as this way you will remove bacteria, plasma or if the case blood drops which cover your tattoo. Use an antibacterial soap and gently wash the area with lukewarm water without using your nails, just your fingers. Rinse well and repeat this as often as possible, about 4 times a day in the first 7 to 10 days until your tattoo heals.
Once your tattoo is clean use a clean towel and pat the area dry. Do not rub your tattoo as you might scratch the area and damage your tattoo. Gentle presses should be sufficient to get the excess water off.

Apply ointment
Applying a special ointment on your tattoo will not only help protect it against bacteria it will help prevent scabbing as well. A little bit of peeling is normal but excessive scabbing is not. This might damage your tattoo and surely you don't want that. There are different special ointments designed for tattoo care like Tattoo Goo which will allow you to maintain a vibrant color of your tattoo while still protecting it from bacteria. Special ointment should usually be applied for 7 to 10 days, until the tattoo is healed.

Take showers in the first 2 weeks
Taking showers in the first 2 weeks after getting your tattoo is allowed but baths should be avoided as submerging and soaking your tattoo can be quite damaging. Take quick showers and avoid scratching your tattoo. Rinse your tattoo well before getting out so no shampoo or shower gel residue is left on the skin.

After about two week and after the peeling and itching are long gone you will most definitely have to keep maintaining your tattoo by moisturizing it and protecting it from the sun's UV rays using an SPF cream with a minimum protection factor of 30. UV light can fade the color of your tattoo so make sure to protect it every time you go in the sun.
Maintain your tattoo vivid and enjoy your body art for the rest of your life!

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