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Lower Back Tattoos

Lower back tattoos have been rising in popularity since about the 1990. The tattoos look absolutely fabulous especially on women, although they are considered to be unisex tattoos, so find out if lower back tattoos are appropriate for you.

Women have fallen for lower back tattoos as they express sexuality. The tattoo design applied on the lower section of the back attracts attention and emphasizes the feminine body. Tattooing has been an appreciated body art since ancient times when people tattooed their bodies with their tribal signature.

Lower back tattoo signification

The tattooing area of the body is chosen randomly by the person receiving the tattoo and the part of the body which will receive the tattoo is not in any way related to any significations. The tattoo received can hold a signification, but some people still consider that certain areas of the body have a certain meaning if tattooed. The lower back tattoo received just this kind of meaning as people usually refer to it as the “tramp stamp”. Although not associated with prostitutes, the tattoo received the name because some consider that this tattoo is performed by women in order to attract attention from men. The attention is directed towards the woman's curvy body, and this has lead to the lower back tattoo's alias name.

This is a theory which doesn't have ground simply because tattoos are destined to improve self esteem and establish a uniqueness and individuality of a person. People have been receiving tattoos on various parts of the body for centuries and modern techniques have lead to the development of interesting new and colorful designs which look absolutely fantastic. The designs and the colors available nowadays attract more and more women towards getting a tattoo. Tattoos can be chosen by significance, style, preference as well as according to the area which the tattoo will be created on.

Popular lower back tattoos

The popularity of the lower back tattoos has constantly risen since the 90's as they look absolutely fabulous. The designs chosen for the lower back are different as every woman can opt for a tattoo with a certain meaning, or a tattoo which suits her personality.
Some of the most popular designs for the lower back are:

  • butterflies

  • tribal tattoos

  • flowers

  • birds

  • arabic letters

  • wings

  • Most tattoos have a meaning, so you can opt for a tattoo which represents your believes or has a hidden meaning. For example, the lotus flower on the lower back has a spiritual meaning, representing divinity.
    The lower back tattoos can easily be covered and revealed with low rise jeans, waist cut tees, tops and two piece bathing suits.

    Celebrities with lower back tattoos

    Many celebrities have opted for this kind of tattoo as it looks beautiful on a woman's body. Among the celebrities which opted for different lower back tattoos are: Angelina Jolie, Aaliah, Christina Aguliera, Pamela Anderson, Britney Spears, Jessica Alba. Inspire your lower back tattoo from your favorite celebrity, browse through tattoo books or choose to create your own design.

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