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Rihanna's Tattoos

Tattoos have always had a high amount of attraction, this is why most celebrities have fallen in love with this type of body art. Find out what Rihanna decided to permanently imprint on her gorgeous body.

Rihanna's tattoos look absolutely fabulous and suit her personality perfectly. It seems that there is a certain attraction related to tattoos as many celebrities have decided to get this type of body art. There are a variety of tattoo designs available depending on everyone's personal preference from tribal to symbolical letters and quotes.

Tattoo Types

There are two types of tattoos available to choose from, depending on personal preference. The difference between the tattoos is given by the time the tattoo remains on the skin.
Permanent tattoos are favored to others because they are tattoos that will last a lifetime. The ink is introduced under the skin using a tattoo gun which features several needles that penetrate the skins surface, introducing the ink.
Temporary tattoos are tattoos that fade away in time. Henna tattoos can last up to two week and will slowly fade while other temporary tattoos which are done with a special ink fade away in about 6 months. This type of tattoos are perfect for people who don't want a permanent marking on their skin but still love body art.

Rihanna Tattoos

Rihanna, the world renowned talented American singer has amazed with her transformation going from a good girl to „bad girl” look is a short amount of time. Her style and her confidence is what makes people go wild whenever they hear her name and it's no surprise why.


Rihanna's nonconformist style has captured a generous amount of attention as she managed to perfection her unique style while maintaining her femininity. The tattoos Rihanna chose are absolutely feminine and match her unique style perfectly.

  • a music note on her ankle

  • a symbolic Pisces sign behind her right ear

  • a shower of stars going from her neck towards her shoulder blade

  • a star in her left ear

  • “love” written on her left middle finger

  • “shhh...” written on her right index finger

  • a Sanskrit prayer written on the right side going down her hips

  • a phrase “Freedom is God” written in Arabic on the sides of her ribs

  • a cute skull featuring a pink hair bow on the back of her left leg

  • a date 4 November 1986 written in roman numbers on top of her left shoulder

  • a tribal tattoo on her right hand and wrist

  • a gun on the side of her chest area

  • her newest mirror tattoo “Never a failure, always a lesson” seems to have come after all the drama that has surrounded her in 2009

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