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Shoulder Blade Tattoos

People have chosen the shoulder blade as one of the most popular body areas for placing a tattoo. Tattoos are becoming more and more popular as men and women seem to love having a unique design on their body. Find out what makes shoulder blades popular.

Shoulder blade tattoos are all so popular tattoos which look absolutely fabulous. Tattooing is an ancient art in which an ink is permanently introduced under the epidermis using small needles to create certain designs which appeal to the person receiving the tattoo. There are a variety of tattoo designs to choose from and they can be created on almost any part of the body. One of the most popular areas on the body when it comes to tattooing is the shoulder blade area.

Why choose the shoulder blade for tattooing?

Tattooing can be considered a body art, as individual designs are permanently imprinted on the skin. Every person can choose the design they prefer whether they help design it themselves or they choose from the tattoo artists gallery. Preferences differ so it is necessary to choose a design which appeals to you most as it will be your own, and a part of you forever.
The shoulder blade area is one of the most popular tattooing areas of the body as it is highly visible if one reveals the back area. Shoulder blade tattoos are unisex tattoos as both men and women can opt for tattoos on the back.
People who choose to tattoo their shoulder blade want to be able to share their tattoo just when they decide to, keeping the tattoo hidden the rest of time. It is more common for people to choose tattoos just for themselves and not for others to see. Whatever the reason, one thing is for certain, you need to choose a tattoo which you like, which suits your personality and style.

Shoulder blade tattoo ideas

There are a variety of tattoo designs to choose from but there are certain tattoos which are preferred by most people as they look incredibly hot. The tattoo artist can make the chosen design suit your personality by softening it and making it appear more feminine for women, or by adding a bit more masculinity to suit men's style.
Here are some popular shoulder blade tattoos so you can inspire yourself:

  • angel wings

  • butterflies

  • tribal tattoos

  • flowers

  • Chinese dragons

  • There are only a few examples of popular shoulder blade tattoos to inspire you, but don't let yourself influenced by other people and opt for a tattoo which represents you. You can implicate yourself in the design of the tattoo just you you can make it unique. One of the best ways to discover a variety of tattoo designs is by browsing the internet or browsing different tattoo books or magazines.

    Are shoulder tattoos painful?

    Everyone seems to describe the tattooing pain differently, depending on their resistance to pain. Most people who have gotten tattoos in different areas would place the shoulder blade tattoo pain around the middle, so it seems that it is not too painful but you still feel the tattooing pain.
    One thing you should know is that the body when subjected to pain stimulates the release of endorphins, which are also known as the “happiness hormone”. The endorphins minimize the pain and help install a state of well being. Some people start to enjoy the pain caused by tattoos and claim to be addictive.
    Choose the tattoo that represents you and you will look hot.

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