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Temporary Body Art and Henna Tattoo

Temporary body art is for the experimentalist ones, who are eager to decorate their body with the latest trends in tattoos and body-paint without committing themselves to a definite result. Modern technology offers us the chance to cover our body with drawings and fabulous patterns without additional pain and sacrificing the spotless look of our skin. It's not a novelty that in ancient times both definite and temporary body art recruited an infinite number of followers. Due to public acceptance more and more people were eager to pay tribute to cults and religions with the most stunning and surprising tattoo designs. In modern times the stickers as well as facial ornaments and body jewelries are available in every store, consequently it serves as the perfect temptation to add a dazzling flair of finesse to our look.

Those who find definite tattoos a great commitment and an extremely brave act should not hesitate to choose from the wide range of temporary body art methods that have the same visual effect. Preparing for a special occasion or sported only to impress others can be main reasons to adopt this fashion trend. Specialists are also eager to popularize the skin-friendly art forms for those who are eager to have some fun with the face and body-paint patterns. Spectacular designs are often used on the catwalk and other prominent events that require a more special and sophisticated look.


Temporary Body Art
Due to their temporary effect these won't have a harmful effect on the skin. However it is highly recommended to test the paint on a smaller spot of the skin and wait for 30 minutes. If there are no allergic reactions due to the contact of the natural- or chemical-based substance with the skin you are free to cover the desired area with the temporary body art style.

Similar cheap and easy-to-handle methods offer the chance for everyone to try out different body art types and place them on versatile sections of the body. Choose from the latest trends in temporary body art types as the following ones:

Airbrush Tattoos: The airbrush method is used as a common means to create fabulous patterns and designs on the skin. The long-lasting effect is secured by the substances used to cover the skin. Appeal to this method to upgrade your look and create a smashing impression.

Stick-on Gems: These accessories are often used for special occasions as a red carpet appearance as well as a wedding. In order to achieve the desired result make sure you place the gems to a favorable place that can be spectacularly accentuated with a similar jewelry.

Henna Tattoo: Henna has a long tradition and is considered a body art form that has cultural significance. Mehndi is the Hindi term used for this art and is used as the most fabulous decoration during the Indian weddings as well as other prominent events.

Body Paint: Indeed body paint is one of the temporary body arts that is used both on special events as well as competitions where the artists can prove their natural-born talent. The movie industry also uses this technique with great confidence especially to create special effects.

These are only some of the most common temporary body arts, however the door for other techniques and stylish methods is still open. Join the party of body arts fans who are eager to surprise their entourage with the most shocking and overwhelming designs.

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